The mission of the Linn County Democrats is to help elect candidates for local, state and federal government positions that believe in common-sense, American values and the protection of those values for all of our citizens.

We believe that respect for these values, in actions not just words, will make Iowa a better place to live and our country more united. Among these values, Linn County Democrats support are:

  • Respect for the U.S. Constitution and its amendments
  • Equality in the eyes of the law
  • Protecting the civil liberties for all of our citizens
  • Protecting our environment and natural resources
  • Creating jobs and raising incomes for all Iowa families, not just the wealthy
  • Protecting the rights of American workers
  • Quality, affordable education to ensure Iowa’s children and displaced workers can compete for the jobs of tomorrow

To learn more about the Linn County Democrats, please email us at linndems@gmail.com.

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